• 5 or 6 toilet paper rolls,
  • brown paint,
  • paper plate,
  • yellow, red and/or orange tissue paper,
  • glue
  • Optional:  round circle of cardboard or large plastic lid to substitute for the paper plate
  • Optional:  grey or black paint for the paper plate
  • Optional:  small rocks.


  • Paint the toilet paper rolls brown and let dry.
  • Arrange the toilet paper rolls as if they were logs on the paper plate.
  • Use glue to attach them to the plate, stacking them slightly so they look like logs.
  • Scrunch up a few squares of fire coloured tissue paper and glue them into the center of your “logs”.
  • Optional:
    • You could paint your paper plate grey, brown or black before making your craft.
    • You could also glue some small rocks around the edge of your plate or amongst the logs.