1. You can choose to have either the blue crayons already gathered and peeled for the students, or you can allow the students to look through crayon boxes and pick their favorite shades of blue to use.
  2. Peel the paper wrapping off the crayons.
  3. Once the crayons have been peeled, they are ready to be sharpened! This is probably the favorite part of any preschooler. It is quite satisfying for them to see how they can transform a blunt crayon to a point again! I had my kids sharpen the crayons right on top of a large sheet of waxed paper. As we sharpened, we spread the shavings around to take up space on the waxed paper.
    • We used a large sheet of waxed paper for my kids to work on together, but you may want to use smaller, individual pieces for each student.
  4. After the shavings have been collected and spread evenly across the paper, cut another sheet of paper equal in size to lay on top of the shavings. Use an iron on the lowest setting to iron directly on top of the waxed paper and melt the crayon shavings. It only takes a quick swipe of the iron to do this. The wax immediately melts and cools rather quickly.
  5. Teachers or students can then draw raindrop shapes on the paper and cut them out.
  6. Use a hole puncher and embroidery floss to string them up in windows for display! These raindrop suncatchers look like wind chimes made of colored glass. Your preschoolers will love hanging and observing these in the windows.