Wondering what to do with your children this summer? Are you looking for a family activity that costs nothing, has a variety of convenient locations, and is scheduled exactly when you want it?

The 2021 Nature Passport!

This year we’re going totally mini – find our printed Mini Nature Passports at many of our member sites or download them right here. Available in English and Spanish. Complete at least 3 challenges this year and visit select Nature Net sites (or contact us directly) to receive a prize sticker!

Mini Print-at-Home Passport!

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The Mini Passport is a simple one-page sheet that families can print out and fold into a small booklet. With a parent’s help, children can text each site’s keyword to discover a unique nature mission. Once the mission is complete, get it stamped at the Nature Net site if you’re there, or parents can initial the Passport instead. The Passport gives children the opportunity to discover 19 new ways to explore the world around them.

Pasaporte a la Naturaleza:

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El Mini-pasaporte es una hoja de una página que las familias pueden imprimir y doblar en forma de libreta. Con la ayuda de un padre, los niños pueden enviar un mensaje de texto con la palabra clave de cada sitio para descubrir una misión de naturaleza única. Cuando la misión sea completada, puede ser estampada en el sitio si estás ahí o tus padres pueden firmar sus iniciales en el pasaporte. El pasaporte le da a los niños  la oportunidad de descubrir 19 nuevas maneras de conocer el mundo a su alrededor.

Want to get started right now? Text one of the keywords below to (608) 299-9207 to get a nature mission! Or, if texting is not an option, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all the missions written out. También disponible en español.

Español: 1-choza, 2-laguna, 3-pajaro, 4-cueva, 5-caminata, 6-oso, 8-sendero, 9-lobo, 10-jugar, 11-estrella, 12-roble, 13-planta, 14-manantial, 15-raices, 17-arbol, 18-piedra, 19-rana


Where to Pick Up a Passport Here During COVID-19:

Funding for Nature Passport is made possible by Fund for Children

Funding for Nature Passport is made possible by Fund for Children

Check naturenet.org/covid-19-trails-still-open for information on trail accessibility at these and other sites.

Nature Passport is a self-guided and unstructured program, providing you the opportunity to visit Nature Net sites at your convenience. If you have a specific question, please call each site directly for hours.

Other Ways to Get a Nature Passport:

    1. Download and print from home by clicking on the Nature Passport images above
    2. Request at info@naturenet.org

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