Raindrop Suncatchers
Materials: Blue crayons Pencil or crayon sharpener Waxed paper Iron (for adult use only) Scissors String  Hole Punch Directions: You can choose to have either the blue crayons already gathered and peeled for the students, or you can allow the students to look through crayon boxes and pick their favorite shades of blue to use. Peel the paper wrapping off the crayons. Once the crayons have been peeled, they are ready to be sharpened! This is probably the favorite part ...Continue Reading
Cereal Box Notebook Craft
Materials Cereal box (1 cereal box makes 2 notebooks. You can also use cardboard, cardstock or gift boxes) Paper for the inside pages (I used 20 pieces of 8.5" x 11" computer paper, but you can also use lined or graph paper) A piece of decorative paper (to cover the spine) Scissors Ruler Pen Glue stick, tape runner or double-sided tape Needle and embroidery floss Button Directions: Cut out the cereal box to create the cover for your notebook. I ...Continue Reading
Winter Tree Craft
Materials small twigs construction paper white paint q-tips glue Directions Head outside for a quick search for fallen twigs and sticks. We found lots of small sticks laying on the ground near our bushes and under trees. Kids will love going on this outdoor scavenger hunt that will soon be turned into art! Once your twigs are collected, take a moment to examine them. Take notice of their similarities and differences. Lengths and thickness. We grabbed our hand held magnifying ...Continue Reading
Hand Print Deer Tracks Craft
Materials:  Paper Washable paint Paint brush Colored pencils/markers/crayons for drawing the scenery Directions:  Have the children make fists and apply washable paint to the outside part of their fist. Make sure you apply the paint on the palm part only, not on the pinky finger. Paint their thumbs as well to be used as the heel of each print. Have the kids press down on a white sheet of paper with their painted hands in order to create deer tracks.  ...Continue Reading
Flashlight Constellations Craft
Materials: Black paper or card stock Scissors Flashlight Awl or needle Pencil Black spray paint (optional) Directions: First off, to make sure the discs work, you’ll need to remove or paint over (with the spray paint) the silver shiny part on the inside of the flashlight. While you are waiting for the paint to dry, if you painted it that is, take the top part of the flashlight and trace the part you want the discs to fit on top ...Continue Reading
Reusable T-Shirt Bag Craft
Materials A plain t-shirt, preferably white or a light color Iron-on printer transfer paper (available in craft stores), 2 sheets Transfer art for front and back graphics (click on the links on the website below) Color printer Iron Scissors Large safety pin Directions Print the images for the front and back of the shirt onto the transfer paper, according to the instructions on the package. Iron the transfer images onto the front and back of the shirt, according to the ...Continue Reading
Miniature Compost Jar Craft
Materials: A wide-mouth glass jar for each child Organic yard debris (such as fallen leaves, grass clippings, and dirt) Old newspaper Fruit and vegetable peels, cores, and scraps from the kitchen 1 cup rainwater A permanent marker Directions: To get started, have kids toss a handful of soil into their respective jars. Next, let them put in a bit of newspaper and then add kitchen scraps. Finally, add a layer of dead leaves and grass clippings. Repeat these deposits until ...Continue Reading
Bird Finder Binoculars Craft
Materials: TP rolls Yarn Colored washi tape Small kid scissors Elmer’s glue Masking tape Hole punch (1/8″) Directions: Start by taping down one end of the yarn. Then wrap the yarn around the TP roll and tape the other end. Some kids wanted to only wrap one piece, other kids wanted to wrap three or four. It was completely their choice. When they are finished wrapping and taping, hand them the glue and let them squeeze one line down the ...Continue Reading
Toilet Paper Roll Campfire Craft
Materials: 5 or 6 toilet paper rolls, brown paint, paper plate, yellow, red and/or orange tissue paper, glue Optional:  round circle of cardboard or large plastic lid to substitute for the paper plate Optional:  grey or black paint for the paper plate Optional:  small rocks. Directions: Paint the toilet paper rolls brown and let dry. Arrange the toilet paper rolls as if they were logs on the paper plate. Use glue to attach them to the plate, stacking them slightly ...Continue Reading
Paper Mache Globe Craft
              Creating and decorating a paper mache globe is a fun and educational way to teach kids about the planet we live on. This project takes a few days and is great for kids ages six and up. You can modify as needed to suit other ages and devote more or less time to your creation. Learning happens when kids are having fun! Materials Round balloon Newspaper Paper mache paste Green and Blue Acrylic paint ...Continue Reading