cicada craft-2-1

These magical singing creatures are a fun summer craft activity for both you and your child.  You can even go a step further and create a tree trunk canvas to display your crafts. Visit Crack of Dawn Crafts for more details on decorating a canvas.

What You Need:

wine corks
pocket knife
blackish-brown paint
red fabric paint
clear plastic (from a strawberry or other fruit container)
gold paint pens
hot glue gun

What You Do:

1. Cut wine corks in half and carve them into cicada shapes.  They don’t have to be perfect!

2. Mix up or use a blackish-brown color and paint the wine corks.

3. Add dots of red fabric paint to make the eyes.

4. Cut wings from a clear plastic container.  You may want to bend them a bit to give a rounded look.

5. Draw on wing veins using a gold paint pen.  Hot glue the wings to the bodies.

And there you have it, beautiful singing cicadas!

(Craft from: Crack of Dawn Crafts blogspot)