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This summer, the Nature Net team (Brenna, Betsy, and I) decided that we would like to take some time to highlight all of the wonderful things our member sites do to promote environmental education and to share many of the exciting programs and events offered to families like you.  With 16 member sites, it is often difficult to keep up with all that each site has to offer, they’re doing so many incredible things!  My goal is to visit each of our member sites throughout the summer months so I can get a better idea of what opportunities exist for families at each site.  I will be posting “Nature Net Site Spotlight” blog posts throughout the rest of the summer.  I hope that you and your family will find this helpful in planning activities for the summer months and beyond.



Nature Net Intern

Madison Children’s Museum


My Visit:

During my visit to the Madison Children’s Museum, I checked out two exhibits: Rooftop Ramble and Urb Garden.  Here is a little more about each:

Rooftop Ramble


This four-season garden and green space is found on the rooftop of the museum.  The exhibit offers incredible views of both the Wisconsin State 244Capitol on one end and Lake Mendota on the other.  Your kids will have fun playing on the acorn climber, feeding the rooftop chickens, or petting the chicks and Clubhouse animals (including rats and various reptiles)!

The exhibit is fun for the grown-ups too!  While the kids are busy running around and learning about ecology and sustainability from the interns, you can take some time to enjoy the vast garden.  Rooftop Ramble boasts many edible plants: hyssop, Hmong beans, potatoes, dill, and peas, and non-edible (but beautiful nonetheless): sunflowers, columbine, Canada anemone, and willow!

Urb Garden

270272The Urb Garden is great for the little ones!  The exhibit is targeted towards those 5 years and younger. The three-season garden has a compost, tilapia tank, and a greenhouse-treehouse (a greenhouse with real plants, plus a slide!).  The kids can learn about how plants and animals grow, even in the heart of the city!




Programs and Events offered at Madison Children’s Museum:

From daily events for kids, to 21-and-up events for the grown-ups, there is something for everyone.  Check out what the Madison Children’s Museum has to offer!


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For Scouts:

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For Grown-Ups:

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For Teachers:

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