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This summer, the Nature Net team (Brenna, Betsy, and I) decided that we would like to take some time to highlight all of the wonderful things our member sites do to promote environmental education and to share many of the exciting programs and events offered to families like you.  With 16 member sites, it is often difficult to keep up with all that each site has to offer, they’re doing so many incredible things!  My goal is to visit each of our member sites throughout the summer months so I can get a better idea of what opportunities exist for families at each site.  I will be posting “Nature Net Site Spotlight” blog posts throughout the rest of the summer.  I hope that you and your family will find this helpful in planning activities for the summer months and beyond.



Nature Net Intern

MacKenzie Environmental Education Center


My Visit:

During my visit to the MacKenzie Environmental Education Center, I visited the center’s wildlife habitat area and conservation museum.  In addition to these exhibits, the MacKenzie Center also features walking trails, a picnic area, logging museum, arboretum, and sugarbush!  There is so much to do and see at the MacKenzie Environmental Education Center.  Here’s a little more about two of MacKenzie’s exhibits:

Wildlife Habitat Area



The wildlife habitat area provides homes to a number of non-releasable animals that are native to Wisconsin.  Many of these animals were injured, orphaned, or born into captivity, and would have no chance of survival if released back into the wild.  Animals housed in the habitat area include: White-Tailed Deer, Gray Fox, Coyote, Red Fox, American Badger, Raccoon, Gray Wolf, Porcupine, Striped Skunk, and a variety of raptors, including a Bald Eagle!  The MacKenzie Center uses this habitat area as a tool for teaching visitors about native Wisconsin animals, and about the importance of protecting and appreciating them.


Conservation Museum

Th282e conservation museum brings you back in time 280and covers Wisconsin’s conservation history and legacy.  From Smokey Bear to acid rain, a wide array of environmental topics are covered.  Because this museum covers such a large number of topics, there are surely displays to pique the interest of every visitor.




Programs and Events offered at the MacKenzie Center:

The MacKenzie Center provides learning opportunities, programs, and events for both the general public and school/youth groups.  Check out what the MacKenzie Center has to offer!

Upcoming Events (open to public):

Summer Wildlife Series:

  • July 7th 6-8 pm: Apex Predators
  • August 11th 6-8 pm: Captive Wildlife Enrichment

Summer Archery Clinic:

  • July 18th 1-4 pm

Friends of MacKenzie Haunted Hayride:

  • October 30th & 31st 6:30-9:30 pm

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Programs for School and Group Visits:

The MacKenzie Center offers classes in both environmental education and outdoor skills.  Educators are encouraged to select a class from a number of categories (nature exploration, sustainability, forestry, outdoor skills, water, and wildlife) that fits the learning needs of their students/group members.  A listing of current class offerings can be found here.

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