Ready for a nature mission with the Pheasant Branch Conservatory? Ringo has your nature challenge ready for you below!

Your Challenge: English 

Draw a picture of a flower or plant you see. Find a field guide or look online to help identify the plants that you see. Try to identify 3 new plants!

Talk out your answers, or write and draw them down in a nature journal, on any piece of paper, or even print out the Nature Net mini nature passport and record your answer in there!

Your Challenge: Español

Haz un dibujo de una flor o planta. Encuentra una guía de campo o busca en línea para identificar las plantas que ves ¡Trata de identificar 3 nuevas plantas!

Exprese sus respuestas, o escríbalas y anótelas en un diario de la naturaleza, en cualquier hoja de papel, o incluso imprima el mini pasaporte de naturaleza de Nature Net y registre su respuesta allí.

More About the Pheasant Branch Conservatory

The Pheasant Branch Conservatory is seeding many acres of prairie. This is restoration – returning the land to a former habitat better suited for wildlife. Learn more about Pheasant Branch Conservatory at


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