Ready for a nature mission with Upham Woods? Ringo has your nature challenge ready for you below!


Your Challenge: English 

Go on a scavenger hunt to look for insects. Look under rocks or on flowers. Count how many different kinds of creatures you find. Draw your favorite one!

Talk out your answers, or write and draw them down in a nature journal, on any piece of paper, or even print out the Nature Net mini nature passport and record your answer in there!

Your Challenge: Español

Haz una búsqueda del tesoro para encontrar insectos. Mira bajo piedras o sobre flores. Cuenta todas las criaturas que encuentres ¡Dibuja tu favorita!

Exprese sus respuestas, o escríbalas y anótelas en un diario de la naturaleza, en cualquier hoja de papel, o incluso imprima el mini pasaporte de naturaleza de Nature Net  y registre su respuesta allí.

More About Upham Woods

The Upham Woods Facebook page has shots from trail cameras. What animals can you find? Upham is not open to the general public, but you can register to visit on their website


Ready for your next nature adventure, or will you take a break?

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