More and more district leaders and educators are highlighting the importance of outdoor learning. Getting outside to move and spending time outdoors has profound impacts on students’ health and well-being, and also provides safer learning spaces during the pandemic.

Outdoor Learning Spaces: What You Need

Outdoor Learning In the News

Promoting Outdoor Learning

  • Environmental Education Guidance – General environmental education guidance for making better, more equitable use of outdoor spaces as we return to in-person learning from the North American Association for Environmental Education
  • Taking Education Outdoors Toolkit – Toolkit for schools in Wisconsin to incorporate safe outdoor learning from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Environmental Education Guidance Illinois – Environmental education guidance on using outdoor spaces with Illinois case studies from the Environmental Education Association of Illinois
  • Outdoor Learning Opportunities and Solutions – Resources and ideas for outdoor learning solutions with example schedules from the Inside-Outside Advisory Group
  • Outdoor Learning in Cold Weather – Resources and ideas for outdoor learning in cold weather with examples from the Inside-Outside Advisory Group
  • Outdoor Learning Resolution – Resolution with ideas for what should be standard and available for outdoor learning at schools from the NYC Education Council District 3

How States Are Promoting Outdoor Learning

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For a full synopsis of each of the programs from the above table, please see Connecting People & Nature in the Time of Pandemic.