Ready for a nature mission with the Lussier Family Heritage Center & Capital Springs Recreation Center? Ringo has your nature challenge ready for you below!


Your Challenge: English 

Muskrats are large aquatic rodents. Visit a marshy area to look for muskrat homes. They look like big bumps made of cattails. Maybe you will see a muskrat too! What else did you see at the marsh? 

Talk out your answers, or write and draw them down in a nature journal, on any piece of paper, or even print out the Nature Net mini nature passport and record your answer in there!

Your Challenge: Español

Las ratas almizcleras son roedores acuáticos grandes. Busca sus hogares cerca de pantanos, parecen montones de tierra con aneas. Puede ser que los encuentren!

Exprese sus respuestas, o escríbalas y anótelas en un diario de la naturaleza, en cualquier hoja de papel, o incluso imprima el mini pasaporte de naturaleza de Nature Net y registre su respuesta allí.

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Walking the trails regularly is a great way to see phenology in action. Each time you walk, take note of and appreciate the little changes in the landscape. Check out more about Lussier Family Heritage Center at

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