Make the most of your day with Nature Net’s field trip guide! Check out the links below for suggestions on how to create fun, affordable, learning experiences – for students, teachers, and families.

Nature Field Trip Funding Ideas 

  • Multiple Field Trips – schedule more than one trip on your day outdoors to maximize the value of your bus fees – and be eligible for Nature Express!
  • Buddy Up – partner up with another teacher or grade level and share the cost of the bus and or the field trip – and be eligible for Nature Express‘ Nature Mentor subsidy!
  • PTA & PTO – connect with your school’s PTA or PTO – they often have funds available to spend on meaningful projects, including a high-quality trip to any Nature Net site.
  • Local Civic Organizations – sometimes organizations in your community, like the Optimists’ Club or the Lions/Lioness Club, will provide support for educational projects.
  • Special Initiatives – check with your school to see if they have special funds available towards specific initiatives.  For example, if your school has funding for reading and language improvement, see if your field trip site offers language arts infusion.  And remember, you can learn about science, math, language arts, social studies and environmental education in the outdoors.
  • ESSER Funds – find out of your school has ESSER funds that can be used for outdoor education.
  • The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin – offers a “Go Outside Fund” with grants of up to $1,000 to fund your nature field trip supplies, transportation or substitute teachers.
  • Grant opportunities on the grants page.
  • Take the Local Bus – use your local public transportation – and ask if they offer special rates for classrooms.
  • Walk – it’s fun and great for the environment!

Designing Effective Field Trips    

Professional Development    

Involving Families