Resources and links to environmental education projects, associations and inspiration.

African American Environmental Association – national, nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to increasing African American participation in the environmental movement through environmental protection, enhancing human, animal and plant ecologies, and promoting the efficient use of natural resources

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Center for Environmental Education – at Unity College in Maine (previously at Antioch New England Graduate School) – a resource center with a large inventory of environmental education materials, teaching methods, and opportunities for networking around the globe

Creative Cardboard – a clearinghouse for eco-art projects and educational activities to stimulate creativity while teaching environmentally-friendly ideas and lessons

EarthLimited – stories, crafts, book recommendations, and educational activities for discovery-based environment-centered learning

Earth Trends – by World Resources Institute – 10 environmental topics with maps, data files and searchable databases

Energy Kids – U.S. Energy Information Administration’s kids page, suggested by Nature Net students, is full of information, games and activities all about energy

ERIC Education Resources Information Center  – a clearinghouse of educational resources in various subject areas

Geostationary Satellite

Global Education Project: Animals at Risk from Climate Change – features 25 animals that highlight the fundamental impacts of greenhouse gases—causes, effects and risk of extinction—on all forms of life on the planet.

Global Rivers Environmental Education Network – excellent resource for anyone interested in watershed education and community-based education throughout the country

Izaak Walton League of America – check out the Save Our Streams program, and Classroom Connections which has curriculum activities relating to current environmental issues

Journey North – a fantastic site on phenology and migration of all kinds of critters, from insects to birds, observe seasonal changes and record your class’ own observations

Montana Heritage Project – community-focused curricula for environmental, math, language, and history education

National Audubon Society

National Environmental Education Week – the largest organized environmental education event in U.S. history

National Geographic

The Nature Conservancy

North American Association for Environmental Education

Outsource Solutions, LLC – offering education-grade tree rounds, cross sections and tree cookies. Large rounds are ideal as an educational resource

Ranger Rick – also includes other fun activities! Look for the School yard Habitat Program

Science Project Ideas – science projects, classroom activities and science fair ideas are listed here for you

Sierra Club

Water Conservation for Kids – recommended by Nature Net students, this site is full of water-saving tips and resources

Washington University’s Mad Scientist Network

Wilderness Society

World Resources Institute – educational resources and curricula on global environmental issues

World Wildlife Fund